Emergency Info and Camper Rules

Residence Hall Emergency Numbers

  • Donna Collins (Assistant Director/Resident Supervisor) – Cell phone: 727-686-6694
  • Chris Catanach (Camp Director) – Cell 813-323-1093

Camp-Wide Emergency Numbers

  • Chris Catanach (Camp Director) – Cell phone: 813-323-1093
  • Jeff Lamm (Co-Director) – Cell phone: 813-361-5037
  • Brian Imperiale (Co-Director) – Cell Phone: 727-642-1769

University Safety

(only call with an emergency)

  • 813-257-7777
  • Room lockouts: Call Donna Collins 727-686-6694

Camp Rules

Residence Hall (Violation of rules could result in dismissal from camp)

  • No visitors (except parents) permitted in the Residence Hall.
  • Horse play is prohibited.
  • Mattresses may be moved but Bed Frames must remain in the room.
  • Please do not leave valuables in your room while you are out.
  • If the FIRE ALARM SOUNDS, leave the building through the nearest exit. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS!
  • All campers are required to be in their assigned rooms by 10:30pm (bed checks) Lights out at 11pm.
  • There is one key per room… roommates must travel around campus together. Lost Key is $125, lost key card is $25.
  • The room doors lock automatically; carry your key at all times.
  • Campers must be appropriately dressed when travelling throughout the residence hall.

Cafeteria Rules

  • The cafeteria food is all you can eat while inside. You may not remove food from the Café.
  • If leaving the Café’ to use the bathroom, notify the attendant at the front desk.
  • Campers are required to clear their table when they have completed the meal.

General Camp Rules

(Violation of rules could result in dismissal from camp)

  • No alcohol, drugs, cigarettes allowed on the UT and Tampa Prep campuses.
  • You may not drive your car anywhere unless Coach Catanach approves.
  • You are only allowed to be in three places during camp (Gym, Cafeteria, Residence Hall)
  • When in the gym, place your key in a back pack or around your neck under your shirt.

Bad Weather

In the event of lightning and or heavy rain; Please stay under cover.

Lightning Alarm: 1 long horn blast for alert, 3 short blasts for all clear!! Safety first please.