New All Skills Camp 3

An all skills clinic for beginner through advanced levels. All Campers will be grouped with Campers of their similar skill level, this will maximize their learning.  Throughout this camp we cover all individual skills (passing, setting, serving, attacking, blocking and floor defense).  Night sessions are generally devoted to team training and competition.

Date:  July 5 -7

Recommended Ages: 10 to 18 (12 Yrs old for resident campers)

Recommended Level: All Levels


$355 Commuter
(includes: T-Shirt, Lunch and Dinner)

$385 Resident
(includes: T-Shirt,  Housing, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)


Day 1

Check in 11-2:15pm (specific time to be assigned)
Training Session 1 12:30-5pm (2 Waves)
Dinner 4-6pm (time to be assigned)
Training Session 2 5-9:30pm (2 Waves)

Day 2

Breakfast 7:15-9am (time to be assigned)
Training Session 3 8-12:30 (2 Waves)
Lunch 11-1:30pm (time to be assigned)
Training Session 4 12:30-5pm (2 Waves)
Dinner 4-6pm (Time to be assigned)
Training Session 5 5-9:30pm (2 Waves)

Day 3

Breakfast 7:15-9am (time to be assigned)
Session 6 (tourney & awards) 8-12:30 (2 Waves)
Check out 10:30am and 12:30pm Residence Hall


Commuter Campers:

Check-in will still be held at the camp dorm for ALL campers.  All pick-up and drop-off will be located at the Dorm.  We recommend being dropped off 30 minutes prior to the start of the day and the camp will end on time each evening.

Resident Campers:

All resident campers will stay in a secure dorm where a keycard is needed to enter. Depending on the dorms we use campers can stay 2, 3, or 4 to a room (quads). All resident campers will be expected to follow all posted camp rules, failure to follow camp rules will result in the camper(s) being sent home immediately.

Food Service:

All campers will be fed on campus in the UT dining hall. There will also be a camp store where campers can buy drinks, pizza, and snacks after the evening session.


The camp staff will serve as supervision on and off the court. Campers are only allowed in the Gym(s), the residence hall, and the dining hall. there will be staff members in each facility even during the breaks. The staff will walk the campers to and from the facilities and female staff members will complete room checks each night.